What are Modules?

Our modular curriculum puts certification within reach no matter how busy your schedule is. Choose to complete modules consecutively or take one 50-hour module at a time to fit your lifestyle.

Modules can be taken individually to fulfill continuing education requirements or combined for the 200 hour certification from Yoga Alliance.

Learn traditional Hatha yoga flows as well as the top Vinyasa styles being taught in the industry today. Sun, Water and Moon salutes, oh my! Leave knowing how to confidently put together a class that coincides with the group you are teaching.


Topics covered but not limited to:

  • Sun & Moon Salutes
  • Standing & Seated Flow
  • Observing Students
  • Room & Time Management
  • Developing Your Voice

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In this module students learn how to perform and adjust the Hatha yoga postures. Exploring how sacred geometry and pranayama connect the body for safety and better alignment.


The essence of all Hatha Yoga practice is the postures (asanas) – Nevine Michaan

Topics covered but not limited to:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Hands on Adjusting
  • Backbends & Forward Folds
  • Standing, Revolved & Seated Postures
  • FRC® Concepts Discussed

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Unlock the secrets to flight learning countless arm-balance and inversion techniques based on physics. No magic here, unless you consider magic a fine tuned system of checks and balances to ensure success. After landing smooth we dive into the restorative yoga process and explore various postures.


Topics covered but not limited to:

  • Inversions
  • Arm-Balances
  • Bandha & Body Control
  • Restorative Yoga

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Examining the core of what it takes to become a yoga educator and how to apply that in the niche you desire. This module explores various angles of the yoga practice providing a foundation for one to build upon as they choose.


Topics covered but not limited to:

  • Philosophy
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Injuries & Prenatal
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Business of Yoga

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Where is your time and money being spent..

There are countless stories of people being dissatisfied with their teacher training program and how they wish they knew more before signing up. Don’t make the same mistake! Do your due diligence and ask questions that make you feel comfortable with the program and its instructors.

At Yoga Framework we divide the training into 3 basic ideologies:

  • Hands-on Learning
  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Teaching & Practicing
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Teaching & Practicing

Don’t take our word for it, listen to recent student testimonials:

“Jeff’s TT really prepares you to hit the ground running after graduation. His sequencing, in addition to teaching right off the bat in training, allowed me to be confident and prepared once I had my own class.”
– Alex Roberts

“Prior to Jeff’s TT, I was sloppy, chasing “the poses”. Went in truly to perfect my own technique, and came out with the confidence to start teaching others. His trial by fire style puts you in the teacher mentality from day one! Perfect mélange of self realization and devine connection with instant practical application for the student looking to seriously consider teaching.”
– Max Pena

“Jeff is passionate in his teaching and is a continuing student of yoga. He guides a no BS training that has you ready to teach a creative yet safe class, right away. Couldn’t have been more prepared for the real world of teaching.”
– James Calleo

“Jeff is incredibly talented, knowledgeable and passionate and was so generous in sharing his wisdom with us. With an emphasis on HOW to teach, each lesson was designed purposefully to help us become safe, confident teachers. Twisted Lotus gave me the experience, skills, and knowledge to lead a safe and creative class- I loved every minute of it.”
– Kerri Goldman

“I took Jeffrey Posner’s teacher training last year and it was the best decision I could have made to deepen my knowledge for yoga. Through his training I gained the confidence needed to stand in front of a class and speak with authority. His technique on sequencing and the importance of safe alignment was exactly what we needed to guide our students. I will be forever grateful.”
– Frank Fasolo


partnership opportunities

If you would like to offer the Yoga Framework training at your studio we have a number of partnership opportunities from simple event hosting (one time) all the way up to complete affiliate school ownership (franchise).

If interested in recieving an individual certification, you can contact us for details as well.

Yoga Framework 200 Hour Program

The next Yoga Framework module starts soon and we would love to have you aboard. Please contact us if you have an immediate question.